Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Foods That Can Eliminate Snoring

Snoring or commonly referred to as snoring is a common problem. However, do not underestimate this one sleep disorder. Snoring can be quite dangerous for your health. In addition you can be so easy to forget and hard to concentrate, you can also susceptible to various diseases ranging from hypertension, stroke to heart disease.
Based on research, snoring is more common in men as well as in those who are overweight. To overcome this, it should be determined in advance its cause. For example, if the excess weight or by changing the sleep position from supine to tilt. The following are some foods you can consider to help you relieve the symptoms of snoring.
Here are some foods that can eliminate snoring:

Soy milk
Cow's milk may be one cause of snoring, in people who have a high sensitivity to lactose or commonly known as the condition of lactose intolerance. To supply the protein in the body, pure soy milk is a good alternative.
Honey has anti-inflammatory function and anti-microbial. Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, he said that honey is effective in healing ulcers, sores and swelling and inflammation in the throat, so it will reduce snoring while you sleep. Honey will reduce the tightness around the base of the throat and made him relax.
All red meat is high in saturated fat causes a slight pressure on blood vessels. Inflammation of blood vessels that occurs in certain parts of the nose will cause you to snore.
Unsaturated oils
Oils such as olive oil, canola oil, sunflower seed oil and so rich in unsaturated fatty acids are good for relieving inflammation. Does not directly reduce the inflammation in your nose, but clinical studies indicate that consumption of canola or olive oil can soothe inflammation and swelling of the throat.
Tea will reduce the blockage and decrease mucus production. Chamomile tea or black tea or green tea with lemon and honey, believed to be effective in reducing snoring. But a better way to reduce snoring is mint tea. Mint is a decongestant, which is why mint is widely used in commercial decongestants. Overcome your nasal congestion will reduce snoring. Why? Because of the blockage as mucus will clog the nasal passages and throat ceiling, so that the airway was obstructed.


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