Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Foods That Can Make The Fat

For you who want to do weight reduction, you must be on a diet. Typically, programs are conducted in the diet is selecting food will be consumed. Apparently a lot of foods that look good and eat healthy but it actually makes you more body fat.
1. Honey
High glucose honey because it is easily congested. per scoop higher amount of calories than sugar. If you eat them too often can quickly gain weight.
2. Salad Dressing
Scientists have found that the salad dressing was not low fat. Olive oil and butter sauce that is used to actually be able to absorb nutrients the body absorbs nutrients, especially vegetables.
3. Cereals
Eating cereal for breakfast can indeed slimming. But some cereals actually save a lot of sugar and fat, you should avoid chocolate cereal variants.
4. Skimmed milk
Less fat content makes a lot of people are not afraid to eat them. Actually, skim milk does not contain enough nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K. One study found that high-fat milk can increase your metabolism to burn calories.
5. Vegetable
Such as fresh fruits and vegetables are foods that can increase your appetite. In addition the portions are also more numerous and certainly can increase the weight. Should avoid vegetables are also packed in cans, because they contain more calories and less fiber.


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