Friday, June 15, 2012

Some Types Of Abnormal Sex Disorders

There are many different disorders can make sex so painful it feels, erections and orgasms so that sometimes even bother. Of the various types of disorder, priapism is a disorder of the most physically excruciating due to the particular case must be treated with surgery. There is also an inner torment, among other paraphilia which makes the sufferer's hard to find a partner with the same interests with him.

1. Hiperseks
In women, this condition is also called nymphomania while the men are called satyriasis. The signs are not able to control sexual desire and sometimes forced to be acted on at that time anyone who happened to be near the patient.
2. Priapism
Disease name is taken from the name of god of fertility in Greek mythology, Priapus. Appropriate depiction of Priapus who had a big penis and always in a state of erection, priapism sufferers also have a penis that is always tense at times unexpected despite the lack of sexual desire and arousal.
3. Seksomnia
If the walking behavior during sleep (sleepwalking) is considered dangerous, then having sex while sleeping is not only dangerous but shameful event when she was staying with a man. Just like sleepwalking, having sex while asleep (seksomnia) diggolongkan also in the category of conduct disorder during sleep or parasomnias.
4. Paraphilia
He said that according to the origin of the (distorted) and phillia (interest), this disorder is characterized by aberrations of sexual desire. Scope is quite broad, including but not limited to the particular object of interest in their partner (fetishism), violence and torture (sadomasochism), corpse (necrophilia) and animals (zoofilia).
5. Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome
Syndrome of continuous sexual pleasure is causing the sufferer always feel horny alias 'mupeng' (face want) even though there is no sexual stimulation. Even at a certain level of enjoyment, this syndrome can trigger spontaneous orgasm without having sex.