Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How To Remove Blackheads Naturally

Blackheads not only interfere with performance, but also often causes itching in the nose. Blackheads are basically similar to acne which is caused by the high activity of the sebaceous glands at the time of adolescence. There are two types of comedones are blackheads we know that black and white comedones. White comedones are blackheads are still there in black leather while because it was exposed to outside air, causing oxidation and therefore the color changed to black
There are several ways of eliminating blackheads, there are the natural materials there is also the use of technology, up to select which one fits the hearts and faces.

• Eggs and tissue
First wash your face thoroughly to remove the existing oil and then grab the egg whites and apply on the nose, especially the part which is blackheads, just a thin layer only. Before you put a tissue over his nose dry and tap-tap slightly so that the egg white and tissues together.
Allow a few minutes until completely dry. After drying slowly lift tissue. blackheads will stick to go along with the removed tissue. Do this every time the blackheads appear on your face. Ideally one or two weeks.
• The water vapor
Function of water vapor is to soften blackheads and open pores, making them easier to clean. The trick Steam your face with water vapor just cooked for a few minutes. To be more leverage, clean towel over the head so that water vapor is not easily separated. Be careful not to face too close to sources of vapor.
After about 5 minutes, wipe with a tissue blackheads that has been moistened with warm water or can also use a towel that is really clean so germs do not enter into the former blackheads.
• Soap Cleanser blackheads
In pharmacies or in supermarkets are usually available with this soap. Using soap anti blackheads takes a few days until the blackheads really soft and easy to clean. But it is a practical way and we can use it at once to clean up excess facial oil.
• Plaster lifter blackheads
Plaster is often available in pharmacies or supermarkets. I use it quite as easily as when we use the materials + egg tissue. Clean the face and nose with a slightly wet paste of water and plaster lifter blackheads. Wait a few minutes to dry and then lift it slowly. It will be seen a lot of blackheads that stick there. Do this every time blackheads reappear.


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