Sunday, July 22, 2012

Foods That Should Be Avoided If You Do Not Want A Stroke

Disease most commonly affects humans all of a sudden now it's a stroke. The more people who become victims. The disease is indeed come suddenly, but, it does not mean can not be prevented. Once you know the symptoms of stroke, you also need to know what foods may trigger symptoms of the disease.

1. Processed Meat
Processed meats such as smoked beef, canned food, and chicken nuggets are definitely using preservatives. Preservatives used in meats can lead to narrowing of the arteries. If the more narrow the blood vessels become blocked blood flow, and that is the result of stroke symptoms appear.
2. Red Meat
Eating too much red meat, like beef, chicken and pork can also lead to the arrival of stroke symptoms. That is because the meat has a red substance of blood or hemoglobin is high, so that it can cause blood coagulation. In addition, if too many types of red meat consumption, body fat will have difficulty processing the received protein. Fats that can not be processed protein that the body will be buried in the walls of blood vessels. Impact, would be narrowed blood vessels and block blood flow to the brain.
3. Snacks
If you think that snacks such as biscuits, donuts, potato chips, etc., will not trigger an attack of stroke, then you are wrong. Snacks are even referred to as a snack, it has a higher fat content. The cause of this is that most processed foods fried or baked. Foods such as these increase the bad cholesterol in the blood.
4. Soft Drink
Soft drinks has been shown to not drink drinkable. Carbonated drinks only give a bad impact on the body and contains no vitamins at all. Although researchers have not been able to find an association between soda drinking and increased risk of stroke disease, but health and nutrition experts emphasize their patients to stop taking the drink soda if you want to avoid a stroke.


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