Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some Health Benefits Of Cloves

Cloves are multiple types of herbs that are found in a variety of food. No wonder the spice that is the subject of a bone of contention in the colonial period. Not only issue a distinctive aroma,  with the Latin name Syzygium aromaticum also has a variety of health benefits.
1. Treat toothache
In addition to reducing pain in the teeth and gums, cloves can also reduce infection because of its antiseptic properties. In addition, clove oil is also beneficial for reducing pain in tooth decay. Boil a glass of water, then add a few grains of pimento. Once the ingredients are cool, gently gargle.

2. Overcome digestive disorders
Cloves help the system work flow and enhance enzymatic digestion. They are used in various forms of gastric irritability and dyspepsia.
3. Cope with abdominal pain
Eating fried pimento powder mixed with honey is effective in controlling vomiting. Anesthetic action cloves help in dealing with abdominal pain and vomiting stopped.
4. Treating coughs
Symptoms of coughing can also be handled by eating cloves. You can try the following recipe. Take a few grains of cloves and a pinch of salt. Then chew both simultaneously. The recipes can allow you to remove phlegm and also reduce the irritation of the throat. Other recipes you can try chewing a few grains of pimento before being burned.
5. Reduce stress
Boil water with basil leaves, mint leaves and cloves. Then you can use this water for drinking black tea by adding a little honey.


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