Friday, July 13, 2012

Benefits And Dangers Of Wearing Braces

Now the use of braces or stirrup increasingly widespread, especially among young women. But unfortunately, some of them who just do not know about the benefits stirrup itself. Stirrup dental benefits actually used to stimulate the growth of the teeth to look more beautiful and at the same time to spruce up the position of the teeth.
The use of braces, as this would only be used to force the action. This of course is a thing not quite right, because the use of the wrong stirrup may create hazards impacts of the use of stirrup itself. For comparison of the hazards and benefits of wearing braces, here we share information:

Benefits of using braces:
- Having beautiful appearance, modern, and stylish
- Able to take care of your teeth
- Being able to stimulate the growth of teeth in a positive direction
Dangers of using braces:
- Can lead to thrush
- Experiencing inflammation (gingivitis) which causes the gums to bleed easily
- Pain / pain that is felt is normal because of the process of resorption and apposition (this is what causes the teeth to move). This pain usually goes away after 3-7 days.


lylaburns123 said...

Thank you for this information. I've never really considered the dangers of having braces miami. What exactly is thrush? is it something that you can get to go away?

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