Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Of The Things That Your Child's Teeth Healthy And Tidy

Teeth are an important element in the human body. Without teeth, people are not able to chew food. Without a healthy tooth, a person may be shy to smile. Unhealthy teeth make people become less confident. Therefore, it is important to properly care for your child's teeth as early as possible.
Children still tend to be less concerned about the appearance and health of himself, the role of parents is needed in this regard. Parents should have to remind children to not feel like brushing your teeth. Here are five things to watch out for your children's teeth remain healthy and tidy:

1. Avoid sugary foods
Do not get used too often children eat sugary foods. Sugar content in the diet is capable of making the enamel becomes porous. Habit of eating sweet foods, will eventually result in tooth decay and black.
2. Increase your intake of vitamin Hilo
Instead of letting the children eat sugary foods, they give better fruit that has a natural sweetness and rich in vitamins. Intake of many vitamins in the body of the child is able to make their teeth strong and gums healthy. You can also add fiber foods menu on the menu every day of children, such as meat and vegetables. Fibers obtained in the meat and vegetables are able to make the child avoid the growth of a stacked arrangement of the teeth.
3. Stop the habit of sucking on pacifier
Instead, the dot is only used in children up to age 2 years. If your child is too old or pacifier sucking milk from a bottle, it will impact on the teeth of the child. Such activities will trigger the sucking children's teeth to come forward. So, if your child has entered the age of 2 years should begin to familiarize them to drink milk from a glass, and stop their habit of pacifier sucking on fingers or hands.
4. Make a habit of brushing teeth
A good brushing time is 2x a day, at morning and evening. At night before bed, take the kids to brush their teeth. Then, in the morning, after they finished eating breakfast, reminded to brush your teeth before they go to school. Teach this to your child until it becomes a habit that they should do.
5. Visit the dentist regularly
Although you have to keep your child's diet, and teaches them how to care for the right gear. Fixed, you have to ask her a visit to the dentist with a duration of a routine as much as 1x in 6 months. Thus the growth of their permanent teeth observed.


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Oral hygiene is always important to maintain a good and healthy teeth of our child and keep visiting to child dentist is necessary.

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Jack George said...

Regular dental check up is an essential thing specially in case of kids. We can maintain kids dental health better by teaching them good dental care habits.
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Ryan Mark said...

Kids love to have chocolates and candies any time, but these food are not so good for teeth s it can cause cavities. Try to give healthy food to kids.
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