Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Elderberries Fruit As A Natural Cancer Drug

Strawberry, blueberry and raspberry is a type of berry fruit that has been popular. There is a new type of berry fruit, which is not less great usefulness. This fruit has long been used for herbal medicine and much more expensive.
Elderberries small round shape similar to leunca, but warnaya more dense, purple-black. This summer the fruit is widely available in North America, Europe, West Asia and North Africa, usually grows in roadside ditches. Purple-black fruit is easily learned but must be careful because the leaves are poisonous. Is still done the research will benefit. Possibility of some people who want to enjoy it should be prepared to pay dearly. Because this nutrient is in great demand by farmers for cultivation in Durham.

At the beginning of the next scheduled 150 farmers from seven countries will gather in the workshop, held in Durham and sponsored by the University of Missouri's Center. National Instutite of Health asked the five universities to conduct the study for five years. They were asked to explore the benefits eldeberries for medical purposes. Not only that, sweet potatoes, herbs and other dietary supplements are also investigated.

One was conducted by the University of Missouri's Center for Botanical Interaction Studies. In their study they found levels of antioxidants in fruits elderberries are known to fight prostate cancer. When this fruit is widely used elderberries for herbal medicines and foods made ​​especially in Europe. Approximately 40-50 percent is used as medicine. Expected later this fruit is widely used in the United States.


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