Monday, July 16, 2012

Some Foods That Can Make You Beautiful

Capitalize the materials easily found in the kitchen, you can also take care of the natural beauty. Here are some foods that can make you beautiful :
• Bananas
In addition to helping facilitate digestion. bananas can also make your skin softer, smoother, and cure acne. How: 100 grams of banana peel and mash, add 1 teaspoon of honey, then maskerkan regularly every week.

• Tea
Better to get rid of bags do not trigger the newly brewed tea. Keep and eye wear as a mask at night. Leave it up all night, so when you wake up it will be more fresh eyes and eyelids slowly faded.
• Salt Crystals
Usually the salt crystals are used to marinate fish, but if you mix the salt in warm water and used as a bath, then the properties will relieve tired muscles. Body muscles will be more relaxed, sleep better, and your skin will be fresher the next day.
• Lime
This lemon acts as an astringent that moisturizes, refreshes and helps the pores to be smaller. Moreover, his amount of vitamin C may help lighten the skin.
• Honey
Either drunk or worn as a mask, honey is very good efficacy. To eat, pour the honey in a glass of warm water and drink every day. You can also mix 1 tablespoon of honey on your face every mask.
• Coconut milk
Hair also took care not to care as well as moisturize. You can try the benefits of coconut milk to hydrate each strand of hair. After the wash, massage coconut milk on the hair shaft to hair care for dry, cracked and split ends.
• Coffee
After pouring the coffee in the cup, there is usually a residual waste, waste residues are not yet used as a scrub on your hands or feet. Undoubtedly the skin on that part will be more subtle, as well as dead skin cells can be lifted.
• Oatmeal
In addition to good heart, oatmeal is high in fiber can smooth and tighten skin. Mix oatmeal with honey, wear a mask and enjoy the benefits every week.
• Potatoes
Potato effective to repel black spots on the face. It's easy, massagekan the grated potato and leave it as a mask. Do it once a week and observe the changes in your skin.
• Sugar Palm
Combine brown sugar with olive oil and honey, use as a mild and gentle scrub. Do not rub the skin too hard, especially in areas of sensitive skin, so the mask can work with more leverage.


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