Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Of The Symptoms Of Leukemia In Children

Be careful when children are often quickly exhausted, breathing quick and short. It may be that your child is experiencing symptoms of leukemia. Leukemia is a malignancy of blood cells derived from bone marrow characterized by the increase in white blood cells with the addition manifestation of abnormal blood cells.
For adults usually can occur at the age of 50 years, whereas leukemia in children is generally ranked among the top three malignancies of children around the world to reach 30-40 percent.

• Anemia. Patients look pale, tired, and short of breath quickly. This is usually caused by lack of red blood cells.
• Bleeding under the skin a bluish-red spots.
• Bleeding of the gums, nosebleeds.
• Easy to infection because of abnormal white blood cells.
• People often prolonged fever or fever with a cough.
• bone and joint pain.
• Abdominal pain due to enlargement of the liver, kidney and gall.
• Enlarged lymph nodes under the arm of the neck, chest and so on.
• Shortness of breath or difficulty.
When experiencing the above symptoms, immediately take the child to the doctor. While the treatment can go through chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, providing medicine tablet or injection to stop the production of abnormal white blood cells it. It could also be by way of a red blood cell transfusion.


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