Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vegetables That Should Be Avoided For Gout Sufferers

Uric acid is a byproduct of purine metabolism. Most foods high in purine are meats such as beef, liver, turkey and some fish. However, there are some vegetables that are high in purines and will lead to an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body. Uric acid will crystallize and accumulate in the joints, causing inflammation (inflammation) and swelling of the signs and symptoms of classic gout. The medical term for too much uric acid in the bloodstream is hyperuricemia.

1. spinach
Spinach is a leafy green vegetables are high in iron, vitamin C, luteins, beta-carotene and flavonoids. Unfortunately for people who suffer from gout or uric acid, spinach is a vegetable that should be avoided because of the high purine content.
2. asparagus
Asparagus is high in folate and potassium and can be eaten either hot or cold, after it is cooked. Asparagus is also one vegetable that should be avoided for gout sufferers because high purine content.
3. cauliflower
Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable that is not often found incorporated into other foods, but are often presented in a mixture of vegetables or as a side dish. In the list of vegetables that contain high amounts of purines, cauliflower also include one of them.
4. mushrooms
There is a range of 92-17 g per 100 g of yeast purine, according AcuMedico. This is the list of vegetables that should be avoided if you try to limit the amount of uric acid in the body.


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