Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some Factors That Cause Acne

Acne is a disease which is annoying, but makes you less confident, acne can also be dangerous if not handled seriously. Acne can cause severe damage to the face, acne can also cause skin cancer if the wrong treatment. Is it true that acne appears suddenly on the face are caused only by stress and diet. It was not only that, there are several factors that cause acne.

1. Be careful if you find that you are consuming medications containing steroids. Both external and internal medicine in the drug, steroid content in them should be aware of. Usually, allergies and arthritis feet (arthritis). The use of such drugs to excess it can cause acne.
2. Oral contraceptives like the pill is also suspected as a cause of acne is hidden. the body also needs to adapt to changes in hormones, so acne usually appears up to six months.
3. Cosmetics used can also trigger the acne. Typically a topical cream, lotion, and makeup that is used in the area of ​​the face, neck, hair area above the forehead, and scalp that causes acne to appear. If you forget to clean your face after wearing makeup or activity before bedtime.
4. Mobile, mobile phone you are using a variety of dirt and bacteria collect. Not surprisingly, right, if acne appears in the chin area and around the lips. How to prevent it, you should be diligent in wiping favorite mobile phone with antibacterial fluids that contain alcohol and diligently wash your face.
5. The habit of holding the skin. Among the top five causes before, the habit of holding the skin of your face cause acne is the most risky. First, this habit makes your skin inflamed and increase oil production.


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