Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here Are The Things That Can Harm The Health Effects Of Bad Habits After Eating

Most people will not care about what things are done after a meal. They assume that after a meal, they can do anything afterwards. Did you know that there are some things that should be avoided immediately after eating, because it can harm health.
1. Drinking hot tea
Substances contained in tea that can absorb the juices of the food. The tannin content of a substance, a compound in tea that may affect the absorption of protein in the stomach. Drinking tea after eating can also inhibit the automatic iron uptake. If things continue so the body will react to iron deficiency or anemia.

2. Drinking cold water
No nutritionist who recommends drinking ice after eating. This is caused by the influence of food that can not be digested due to meet and menggumpalnya nutrients with water ice. Should change the habit of drinking iced drink after a meal with warm water. In addition to fresh, warm water can help the absorption of the juices of the food better.
3. Eating fruits
The stomach takes about 1-2 hours to perform the absorption of food juices. If the hull is not perfect reabsorb occupied by the fruit, then the process will be disrupted pennyerapan. Disruption of the absorption process is due to the air go in the stomach. If sustained, it will cause symptoms of bloating and diarrhea.
4. Smoke
Basically, smoking is not good for health. However, it has the danger of smoke after eating ten times more dangerous than day-to-day. This is caused by increased blood circulation
5. Bath
Body temperature decreased after the meal. However, if forwarded to the bathroom shortly after eating, then the condition of the body temperature will rise. This will cause the volume of blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract reduced which resulted in making the function of the stomach will weaken the digestive system and cause chaos menjadai.
6. Drinking water before meals
Habit of drinking lots of water before meals is suggested for those who want to go on a diet because it will give effect to the filling. But, you know, it was the habit is not good for health. In addition to delaying the entry of nutrients the body needs also led to the absorption of food by the enzyme becomes more difficult. This is because the water flowing from the stomach into the intestine which takes about 30 minutes. Have not had time to water down into the intestine is coupled with the food, so the absorption process becomes more difficult.
7. Sleep
Many people claim that after a meal is usually sleepy. However, do not you should not obey the sleep because if you follow it and fell asleep just then entered the food can not be digested properly. Thus resulting in bloating and inflammation.


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