Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Benefits Of Orange Peel

Oranges various kinds, and can be found in almost all over the world. This much-loved fruit has a distinctive freshness and rich content benefits. Call it a benefit for a variety of treatment, the source of the scent, to the food. The benefits of citrus fruit not only from the course. Orange peel is usually just end up as waste, it has various benefits that can be achieved easily.

• Cleaning stains
The amount of dishwashing products that use the basic ingredients of orange, basically due to the citric acid contained in it are known potent stains. You can also put a bit of fine salt in orange skin before rubbing the cup. Do not rub too hard, so as not to leave streaks.
• Smooth heel
The content of vitamin C in oranges efficacious to refresh the skin. But other than that, the content of acid and its salts was beneficial to remove dead skin cells. So if your heel skin rough and cracked, speeding up the process of peeling the orange peel to rub the skin surface.
• Natural deodorizer
If you eat an orange as dessert at home, do not always get rid of her skin. Cuisine with strong scent may leave less pleasant aroma in your sink. Collect the orange peel and put a few pieces at the disposal of the sink strainer. Fresh citrus scent will be pushed in your kitchen.


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