Monday, July 2, 2012

Factors That Cause Hypertension In Addition To Genetic Factors

Many people who suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). Often they have a problem with hypertension due to genetic factors. However, there are many other factors that can increase and affect blood pressure in addition to genetic factors.
1. Salt
One cause of high blood pressure is eating too much salt. Many people have their blood pressure rises after eating too much salt. We often consume sodium far more than we realize. The cause is often due to the existing salt in food. In many foods such as soups, fried noodles and salt contained more salt than you might expect or feel.

2. Stress
If you're stressed, you have higher blood pressure. You need to try to stay calm and deal with the problem rationally. Relaxation techniques and medications can sometimes help to stay calm to face the pressures of life.
3. Drug
Certain medications can increase blood pressure, including some cold medicine. Beware of drugs that may cause this effect.
4. Age
With age, people are more prone to have high blood pressure. This is why getting older, the more important people to check your blood pressure. Hypertension is often referred to as the "silent killer" because secretly harm the health of many people without realizing it.
5. Weight loss
If you are overweight, you will tend to have high blood pressure. Controlling your weight can help reduce the threat.
6. Lack of exercise / activity
Lack of exercise often contribute to high blood pressure. Less movement of people who often have high blood pressure. Anyone who exercise regularly have the potential to lower blood pressure. Exercise is also beneficial in reducing stress.


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