Monday, June 4, 2012

Food and Beverage Busting Bad Breath

Bad breath is already a problem for everyone. cause of bad breath is mixed. Starting from, not brush your teeth or less diligent brushing your teeth, eating excess foods that cause bad breath, such as onions, meat, etc. how to overcome common is bad breath by brushing your teeth, eat sweets, rinse. But there are easy tips to eliminate bad breath, with the foods and drinks that can eliminate bad breath.

• Drink plenty of water
Lack of water is a practical solution to eliminate bad breath, when we are in a state that is not possible to brush your teeth or gargling, drinking water is the solution, so no harm if carrying water to and fro. According to the study of water can stimulate saliva as well. By rinsing with water to remove dirt from between the teeth that cause bad breath.
• Eating lemon
In addition to that contained lots of vitamin C in fruit juice, fruit juice consumption after meals can eliminate bad breath. If my friend often eat at a restaurant or a restaurant, often right there lemon, wedge of lemon is not just for decoration only sob. Because of the lemon wedges that can neutralize bad breath or smell of food that is strong enough. Like the smell of goats, or the smell of onions.
• Eating carrots
Carrots are a coarse food and fiber when chewed, and the smell of carrots are also able to eliminate the remnants of the bad breath when eating out. At that time chewing foods that contain fiber, will help the mouth produce saliva, which creates a natural mouth cleanser. Many dentists recommend chewing carrots or apples, to reduce bad breath. Nice addition, fiber is also good for digestive health and helps you to center on a diet.
• Drinking green tea
Similarly, carrot, green tea is a beverage that rough mouth feel, but it's the fragrant aroma of green tea can help eliminate bad breath. In green tea called catechins-containing active substances that can kill bacteria in the mouth as well as eliminating sugar from the plaque. The bacteria that cause bad breath can be lost. Drink green tea every day is recommended to eliminate the odor.
•  Eating yogurt
Yogurt is a probiotic drink is good for digestion. If taken daily, or drink or food probiotics can help maintain digestive health. If the digestive system smoothly, bad breath can be inhibited. But if you have any problems with the hull, yogurt consumption should be limited.
• Consume mint leaves
Mint can help eliminate the odor by consuming onions or garlic. Commonly placed in a food or beverage that gives effect in the mouth fresh and delicious aroma. Apart from mint leaves, you can also use cinnamon if any.


Unknown said...

All the tips mentioned in the post are useful to solve the problem of bad breath. Thanks for posting.
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DentalHealthCare said...

Chewing gums are also helps to avoid bad breath, make sure that gum is sugar free.
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Unknown said...

Rinsing mouth after every meal is a good way to keep bad breath away.
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Jack said...

You can face awkward situation due to bad breath, its better to take care of your oral health. Drinking good amount of water, chewing sugar free gums can helps you to avoid bad breath.
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