Friday, June 29, 2012

Foods That Can Help Prevent The Growth Of Gray Hair

As people age, not just the skin alone is problematic. Hair also has many problems, such as: hair loss, dry, rough, and grow gray hairs. Hair grows gray hair is a problem that often occurs due to aging. For healthy hair that needs to be maintained. Not just from the outside only treatments such as shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment mask or cream bath. Care also needs to be done from within, with foods that help keep hair healthy.

1. Nuts
Eating nuts will make hair shiny and thick. Nuts contain omega 3, alpha-linolenic acid and zinc which is needed to nourish the hair.
2. Carrots
Vegetables, orange is useful for preventing hair loss. He will strengthen your hair follicles are already fragile.
3. Clam
Shellfish contain iron and antioxidants needed to maintain healthy hair. Therefore, shellfish and other seafood species, such as shrimp and salmon are often recommended by dermatologists for consumption.
4. Turkey meat
Turkey has a high protein, so it can make hair healthy and beautiful. Not only turkey, chicken meat was good for the consumer.
5. Eggs
Eggs contain vitamin B-12 and Biotin. You can eat eggs or can be directly applied to the hair, this is to make the hair more shine and strengthen hair roots.


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