Saturday, June 9, 2012

Simple Way to Boost Energy

Role as a mother must be very tiring. But you can overcome by injecting energy in the following ways. As a mother, you may be accustomed to spend the days with the solid. Variety of activities ranging from meeting the needs of families raising children to be a strenuous activity. However, the disturbance will not attack you, if you make simple changes. 
• Eating plenty of fiber
Try starting your day with fiber-rich foods such as whole wheat bread, raspberry, apple and cereal or oatmeal. High-fiber foods in your body longer to digest and provide sustainable energy to help you through your day strong.

• Move
This one seems unlikely to do when you're feeling so tired. But no one denies that the endorphins are a powerful way to help you wake up and feel positive throughout the day. Even a brisk walk or light stretch can significantly increase your energy.
• Drink a lot of
Even slightly dehydrated can make you feel lethargic and weak. By taking into account how much water you drink, you will be more excited.
• Healthy snacks
Try replacing your sugary snacks with energy food. Nuts, including almonds and cashew nuts and green vegetables such as spinach and Swiss chard or dark chocolate will help provide energy.
• Iron
If you've tried various things but still do not have the stamina, probably iron levels in your body is less and cause anemia. Even mild anemia can make you feel sluggish and tired. Nuts, whole grains, green vegetables, red meat and whole grains are rich sources of iron.
• Get enough sleep
Adequate sleep is necessary for healthy body functioning. If you sleep too little time, you will be exhausted. Sleep a half hour early to even make a big difference in your self.


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