Friday, June 22, 2012

Causes And Ways To Overcome A Stiff Neck Muscles

If the neck feels stiff and sore it can inhibit the activity and discomfort. Neck region is a combination of head and body that are rich in muscles, ligaments and tendons that support the movement of the neck. Certain conditions can make a stiff neck muscles, causing pain and tenderness. Sometimes people who experience neck stiffness also complain of headaches, this is because the muscles of the head, neck and arms are connected. So that a stiff neck muscles can lead to complaints in other body parts.
1. Poor posture when sitting or wrong position during sleep can cause tense muscles become rigid and one place that lead to illness and pain.
2. Overuse of these muscles in motion.
3. Stress and depression, if a person is under stress then it will be a tense muscles that trigger pain, pain and other discomforts.
4. Injury or trauma from a fall, accident or sports activities.
5. Muscle spasms that occur when nerves send messages to the muscles which can cause contractions. Occurrence of muscle spasms that can cause a stiff neck and sore.
6. Pinched nerve, the condition is probably due to arthritis, a narrowing of the spinal canal or a hernia on the plate (disk) bone. Pinched nerve can cause a stiff neck that can sometimes spread to the arms or legs.
7. Carrying a heavy load right on one shoulder, one-sided burden tends to make the head and neck against this burden to the opposite direction, causing excessive contraction triggering stiff and sore.
1. That compresses the neck pain and tension with a warm towel for about 20 minutes.
2. Doing good massage using cream or not to relax tense muscles, and make sure that the pressure applied uniformly so that there is pain subside evenly.
3. Or stretching exercises to increase blood circulation and relieve tension in muscles. Point your chin with the neck stretched upward and hold for 5 seconds, return to the normal position and relax a while, repeat about 5 times.
4. Control stress, due to neck or neck pain are common symptoms of depression. You do this by carefully manage time, set priorities, think positive and always found time for relaxation.
5. If these methods do not work, consult your doctor before taking drugs that are sold to reduce muscle tension.


Sienna Christie said...

It's very important to try to treat a stiff neck right away. The neck is a very sensitive part of the body and it has a lot of nerves leading to the head. It can also ruin your day from the moment you wake up because of the unbearable pain and irritation.

Sienna Christie

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