Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple Steps To Prevent The Side Effects Of Radiotherapy

There are certain types of cancer patients who perform radiation therapy or radiotherapy to prevent or treat cancer. There are several things to note in order to prevent side effects of radiotherapy. Radiation therapy or radiotherapy is the use of high-energy particles or waves such as gamma rays, electron beams, photons, protons and neutrons to destroy cancer cells.
Radiation therapy is sometimes good for some cases of cancer, such as some cancers are sensitive to radiation, but without causing major side effects, such as cancer of the vocal cords. A good doctor will recommend radiation therapy, when the benefits gained over the side effects. And radiation therapy patients have to perform simple maintenance to protect their bodies.

1. Get enough rest
After radiotherapy, the patient will feel more tired than normal. Fatigue is also called fatigue, which may last up to several weeks after radiation is completed. Try to sleep well at night to reduce these side effects.
2. Eat a balanced and nutritious
Depending on which part of your body that is irradiated (eg when the irradiated area of ​​the abdomen or pelvis), then the doctor will recommend a specific diet.
3. Take care of skin in the area of ​​radiation
If you receive an external radiation (radiation from outside the patient's body), the irradiated area becomes more sensitive and sometimes look red. Do not use soap, water, lotions, deodorants, medicines, perfumes and cosmetics on the area being irradiated, except for baby powder.
4. Avoid wearing tight clothing
Including wearing a corset or tight clothes upright neck. Wear loose cotton clothing is soft.
5. Do not rub, scratch or use a very sticky plaster on the area of ​​radiation.
If the radiation area of ​​skin should be covered with gauze and plaster, use plaster micropore or for sensitive skin. Try to put a plaster outside the radiation area and do not attach the same area.
6. Do not compress on the area of ​​radiation
When the irradiated parts need to be washed, tell your doctor first. Use water or sterile Nacl lukewarm water on the irradiated area.
7. Protect the radiation from the sun
The skin will be extra sensitive to sunlight after being irradiated. If possible, wear clothing that covered. Use an umbrella when in the sun.


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