Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tips Can Be Done To Prevent Flatulence

The wrong diet can lead to flatulence. There are many ways to prevent it from changing your diet to avoid stress. Flatulence occurs when the stomach is unable to digest food properly, due to the influence of the type of food consumed and the lack of enzymes needed for digestion. As a result the process of digestion produces a gas that makes flatulence.

1. Maintain adequate fiber
Not only the digestive system, fiber also serves as a brush that cleans the colon of the cancer  free radical impurities. Adequacy of the fiber can also prevent many chronic diseases, like diabetes, heart disease and hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid. Almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits are good source of fiber for health. Avoid the types of vegetables that trigger the production of excessive gas such as broccoli, cabbage or cabbage and cauliflower.
2. Chew food before swallowing
Chewing food is one important part of the digestive process. Not only destroy food mechanically, chewing movements also stimulate the production of saliva which contains enzymes to digest food chemically.
3. Limit the size of the meal
Avoid excessive eating habits by eating large meals will stimulate the production of more stomach acid to digest it. The result is an increased risk of gastric acid reflux, chest pain (heartburn) and flatulence.
4. Regular exercise
Regular exercise can reduce the risk of indigestion. In that study, obesity and inactivity are also associated with abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome.
5. Avoid stress
Stress, especially in men, mood fluctuations during stress can inhibit blood flow to the digestive organs. As a result the production of digestive enzymes are blocked, then trigger some problems such as excess stomach acid, bloating and constipation.
6. Limit the type of antacid ulcer drug use
Antacids work by neutralizing excess stomach acid in order not to trigger the pain in gastric ulcer, reflux and chest pain. But if used to excess, drugs are sold freely in the stalls can damage the stomach so prone to infection.
7. Using an enzyme supplement if necessary
Several types of supplements can help digestion because they contain certain enzymes such as amylase, lipase, cellulose and protease. The enzyme is also produced naturally in the digestive system so that a fit person should take supplements to improve digestive function.


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