Friday, June 15, 2012

Bad Habits That Lead To Shrink Breast Size

Breast function and is not influenced by size, but rather in its ability to produce milk. But it is undeniable that the large size was much idolized, along with the increasing average breast size of about 2-fold in the last 50 years. For those whose size is already large, would not have to bother because they live thinking about how to take care not to loose and seemed to shrink rapidly.

1. Too much coffee
A Swedish study proves that the size of the breasts tend to shrink when women consume more than 3 cups of coffee / day. The study also revealed that some women have a certain gene that makes fat tissue shrunk from too much coffee.
2. Too limiting fat consumption
Fat is the composition of breast tissue that could be considered the most dominant. A diet that is too limiting consumption of fats and oils are not only upset the balance of nutrients, but also will affect the shape and size. During the growth period, it takes as long as fat intake is not excessive. Source of vegetable fat for example the soy and nuts, while animal fats can be obtained from fish and meat.
3. Rarely eat meat
Other nutrients needed to maintain their shape and size are the collagen fibers. These fibers are also preparing the skin and keep it from loosening due to rapid aging and damaged skin cells. Claws and chicken wings are a major source of collagen, although other types of meat also contain lots of fiber. Collagen function should also be supported with adequate vitamin intake, especially of vegetables and fruits.
4. Lack of drinking
About 80 percent of the human body is composed of a liquid, so that some tissue will shrink in size if the water content in the body decreases. One part of the body that are affected are the breasts that do not have too much muscle tissue.
5. Drinking too much alcohol
Alcohol consumption does not directly affect the size of the breast, even in a certain dose of antioxidants can actually protect the network from the effects of aging. But on the contrary, numerous studies have shown that excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to breast cancer.


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