Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prevent and Treat Headaches During Pregnancy Naturally

Headaches are common in pregnant women because of changes in the body during pregnancy. Mothers who are pregnant should not take carelessly known lest the drug affects the unborn fetus. Most of the headache medicine may have harmful effects or unknown effects on infant development.

1. Avoiding triggers, things are known to be a trigger such as eating late, certain odors or foods consumed.
2. Physical activity in daily routines, such as walking every day or doing light aerobic exercise.
3. Relaxation exercises, calming activities like yoga, deep breathing and visualization can help keep headaches.
4. Eat smaller portions but more often, so it can keep blood sugar levels remain stable and prevent headaches.
5. Consume enough fluids to keep your body well hydrated.
6. Maintain a regular sleep schedule, due to fatigue and lack of sleep can contribute to headaches during pregnancy, and be sure to go to sleep and wake at the same time even on weekends.
7. Maintain good posture, due to poor posture or muscle tension can cause headaches, especially the weight gain to support a pregnancy.
However, if the headache was inevitable and attacked the pregnant woman, then do the following steps:
1. Do the rest by lying down in a dark room or darkened, quiet atmosphere and eyes closed.
2. Using warm compresses to the eyes, face and temples or forehead, or can also try a cold compress on the back of the neck.
3. Ask someone to do the shoulder and neck massage to relieve tension, or massaging the temples can help.


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