Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fun Activity That The Same Benefits By Exercising

Exercising is a very useful activity for health, but if you do not have a lot of time, you can still perform the same activities by exercising his usefulness. Without being aware of the activities that you do have many health benefits, although the activity was only modest activity. Fun activities such as: Playing with the kids or pet bathing.

1. Playing with children
A time to play with children. Encourage children to play in the park, throwing a ball, swimming, race, and also ask what the child wants to do. In addition they get excited, your body will also be exercising on their own.
2. Bathing and playing with pets
Bathe the pet is fun, much less while exercising. The bigger the dog or cat, then you will feel how much energy is wasted to bathe them.
3. Go to shopping centers
What woman does not spend time in shopping centers? You do not have to shop, just do 'window shopping'. Get into the store after store on every floor, do not feel you have to walk for an hour and have not been exhausted. And, select the elevator to go up the escalator rather than burning more calories. Walking is good exercise and keeps you active.
4. Picnic
Preparing supplies, tents, table cloths and all the other picnic needs are not aware already make you exercise. Not to mention if you are driving your own car. Driving wheel, the clutch, brake, gas and shifting gears, making the body move more intensively.


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