Monday, June 11, 2012

Beauty Benefits Of Sex For Women

Many women spend the money to do a facial at a salon and buy expensive equipment makeup to look beautiful. But there is one thing that makes you look beautiful naturally is with sex. Sex can make her aura glows. There is no product or procedure that can benefit as much as the benefits provided to the beauty of sex.

1. Natural Makeup
Sex 15 minutes in the morning will make your cheeks blush naturally, you will look red lips and perfect skin will glow. So you do not need to use blusher and lipstick. During sex, all the mucous membranes in your body will contract and redness that left a nice effect to the skin.
2. Protect the face
When you are outdoors, you will be exposed to sunlight and cause the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Sex can increase the blood flow that carries nutrients and oxygen to the skin to prevent wrinkles on the skin.
3. Beautify the hair
Sex can also contribute to the health of your hair. Each hair follicle has blood vessels and blood flow to supply more nutrients to your hair. So that the hair will look thick and healthy.
4. Stress relievers
Stress will make your mind tension and make the face look dull. The best stress reliever is sex. Normal sex takes between 3-20 minutes and are able to reduce tension. The face will look brighter glow when excited mood.
5. Enlarge breasts
Sex can enlarge breasts up to 25 percent and increase the height of the nipple and a half inches.
6. Sport
It may be difficult to motivate yourself to spend some time working out, sex is the best sports facilities to train the muscles of your cardio.
7. Ageless
A woman who has a healthy sex life will look younger than actual age 3-8 years. Sex also keep you from the risk of heart disease, cancer and depression.


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