Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some Diet Tips For Career Women Or Women Who Are Busy

Career women often do not have time for herself, let alone to diet and lower the weight. To be able to diet and lose weight required extra time to do exercise and sports, and set a good diet. If you are a busy woman, there are several ways you can do to be able to lose weight.
- Set how to eat well, namely by:
1. Sit down and eat slowly
2. Eat with small bites
3. Chew food well to help digestion

- Do not miss the breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal, busy women need a lot of energy to be able to do twice as much. Skipping breakfast will make you less efficient in their jobs and will tend to eat unhealthy foods during the day.
- Drink plenty of water
Women are busy tend to forget to drink water, but stay hydrated by drinking enough can help you lose weight. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and drink slowly.
- Burn calories without exercise
If you do not have much time for sports, women can burn calories without exercise, among others the following ways:
1. Take the stairs instead of elevators, not only burns calories but also a good exercise for lower body.
2. Up from a chair and walk to the table partners to deliver the message directly, not via SMS, chat or email.
3. If you use public transportation, come down before your destination to be taking the walk to the office or home. but remember
4. use comfortable shoes.
5. After dinner, take a little time to stroll around the complex with the family. It also will make you closer to family and neighbors.


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