Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Common Mistakes Made by Women's Facial Skin Care

Every woman would always want to have beautiful skin and healthy, they do a lot of different ways to get it. Ranging from home care to care in the salon or spa to spend a lot of cost. Do you know, that there is an error of any activity you do in the face of daily care.

1. Do not clean your face before bed
The body is already tired, we are so lazy to do things that are routine, including cleaning your face before bed. Sometimes a lot of people who sleep with cosmetics is still attached to the face. This will disrupt the process of skin regeneration that occurs during sleep. To overcome the fatigue that lazy or forget to clean your face, put your face cleaning supplies at the bedside.
2. Do not wash your face in the morning
Wash your face in the morning needs to be done to clean the face of all the toxins in the body, and the rest of the cosmetics that are likely still attached. During sleep, the skin is still work to regenerate and cleanse the skin from all kinds of dirt.
3. Using a facial soap perfumed
Perfume is the fragrance added soap or fragrance in the face. This may not look dangerous, but that extra fragrance will disrupt and hinder the formation of the natural fat of the skin. The result, the skin will become dry or irritated.
4. Wash your face too often
When the face feels sticky, dirty, or too hot, washing the face can be a powerful way to revive again. When washing the face, usually you will also rub the skin. Pressure that is too hard or the content of the soap is too harsh and rough textures will make your skin red and dry. The water actually is one thing that can make your skin dry.
5. Use make-up during exercise
We will work out, remember to not dress up in advance. Make-up will make the skin can not breathe, and make the skin become hot. Instead you have to clean the face prior to exercise, so do not sweat mingled with the dust or cosmetic remaining attached to the face and clog pores.


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