Saturday, June 16, 2012

Benefits And Variety Of Sleeping Positions

It's important for us to know, sleep position may affect one's health. To create the maximum sleep quality, health and a healthy spine, always look for your sleeping position. Sleep is not only an effect on bone health, but also the health of the body as a whole. Someone who has a good quality sleep the body will be healthier, because it is not easy attacked by the disease.
By taking sleeping in a good position, spinal health would not be disturbed because you outgrow the neck pain, stomach problems, and premature wrinkles.

• Best Position = supine
This position either to prevent you from attacks of neck pain and back pain. In addition, this position both to reduce and minimize wrinkles and maintain breast firmness. Sleeping on your back will ease the head, neck and spine to maintain a neutral position.
• Prone position
This position will help prevent wrinkles because there is no incentive to push your face. The prone position also will not make your breasts sag. But you should reconsider this position. Snoring is usually most often done when the prone position performed.
• Lateral position 
This position to prevent neck and back pain, reduce habitual snoring and the best positions during pregnancy. Unfortunately, this position is not good for your skin and breast. Selecting this position while you are resting is very good for your overall health and reduce snoring habits and keep your spine elongated. The weakness of this position that can cause your skin wrinkled.


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