Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drinks That Can Help Detoxify The Body

The body's detoxification process necessary to reduce or remove toxicity in the body by including it in the urine or stool form. In addition to healthy foods, there was some kind of beverage that can help detoxify the body to maximize employment. 

1. water 
Water is the easiest option for the detoxification process. Of water to cleanse the digestive system by removing toxins and food debris stuck to the intestine. Thus, the gut into the net again and this will certainly help the detoxification process. 
2. Coconut milk 
Coconut water is one type of drink that can be consumed directly without having to experience the cooking process. Coconut water is naturally detoxify the body by cleaning the digestive tract. Coconut water has properties to ward off viruses and bacteria in the digestive tract. In addition, diligently eating coconut water will also boost immunity and keep the body to stay hydrated. 
3. Pumpkin juice 
Pumpkin juice is believed to be a natural remedy for digestive problems and reduce the level of acidity as its base level. Pumpkin also contains an abundance of fiber so good for the digestive organs. 
4. Green tea 
Green tea is a natural antioxidant containing polyphenols are potent regulate blood glucose levels. Polyphenols contribute to hinder the movement of glucose into fat cells, thus preventing the fat into the bloodstream. 
5. Orange juice 
Orange is a known source of vitamin C to boost immunity efficacious. Oranges are rich in flavonoids, antioxidants that keep the human immune system against disease by fighting germs and bacteria that cause disease.


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