Monday, June 4, 2012

Health Benefits Of Breakfast

Breakfast is very important, especially for those who will start the activity. Breakfast such as providing extra power to start the day. Here are the health benefits of breakfast:
• Gives energy to the brain
Only a sweet tea or eat some biscuits until lunch time is not a breakfast. Because you are not getting enough energy for the brain. Eat right with enough energy to start your day. Benefits of breakfast is to increase your brainpower, keep your body trim, and increasing spirit or our mood.

• Increased need for vitamin
Breakfast of fresh fruit juice is the most recommended because it contains vitamins and minerals that are healthy. Natural fruit juice can increase blood sugar levels after a night we did not eat. After that, it could continue to eat cereal or bread. Menu options can include bread and eggs, porridge, milk and cornflakes, noodles, pasta and others.
• Improve Memory
Recent research has shown that a sleepless night making us hungry brain. If we do not get enough glucose at breakfast, then the brain function or memory can be disrupted.
• strengthen family ties
Breakfast with the family means a family brought together for discussion of many things together. Research shows that families are sitting together at breakfast would be emotionally closer to each other than family members each rush off to work or school. And for the couple could also like this.
• Increase resistance to stress
A study in a multinational company revealed that employees who skip breakfast were more susceptible to depression. Conversely, those who have time for breakfast felt more satisfied and show high interest towards the job. The study also revealed that employees will get the breakfast intake of vitamins A, D, E, iron, and calcium than those who skipped breakfast.


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