Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Things That Can Affect The Concentration

Everyone always wants to have a high concentration. Many methods are used to concentrate. While working or doing something is sometimes required concentration. But without realizing there are things around that would act as the destroyer or killer concentration. One of the problems such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can make a person difficult to concentrate. But there are certain things around that could interfere with or interrupted concentration.

1. Hungry
Hunger will make the brain not getting enough fuel to make one's difficulties, even the leading killer of concentration. Give your brain a sufficient source of fuel by always eating breakfast, eating foods rich in protein, but choose to avoid simple carbohydrates complex carbohydrates.
2. Social media
Social media makes a person very easy to connect with friends and out of work. Current widespread use of all social media like Facebook or Twitter, which allows a person to delay his work. To avoid getting into the social media sites at work or look for a place that no Internet access, and if forced to do so during a break it open.
3. Phone Cell
Sometimes the phone rings can damage one's concentration while working and got the call for something that is important not only going to spend time.
4. Bored and tired
Experienced boredom can make a person susceptible to interference, so breaking the concentration. Take this time to overcome a 10-minute break after doing the work within a specified period, for example with a walk out or listening to radio. While fatigue from lack of sleep or too much activity can interfere with concentration and short-term memory.
5. Stress
When a person has too many thoughts or stress will make it difficult to concentrate on the task performed, because the hormones released during stress can inhibit the brain works. Besides stress also trigger headaches, pain in your back and shoulders as well as a rapid heartbeat. To learn techniques that reduce stress such as meditation, so they can re-focus and concentration on the job.
6. The influence of drugs
Some drugs used to treat depression or other drugs can interfere with concentration. If concentrations are often interrupted or disrupted since taking the medication, you should immediately consult a doctor.


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