Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Treat Pain Caused by Sunburn Naturally

Applying plenty of sunscreen and shade are the best way to avoid sunburn (sunburn). Scientists also recently discovered a protein in the body that trigger pain caused by sunburn and an antibody that can reduce sensitivity to pain is through experiments on mice. According to a dermatologist, taking pain relievers such as ibuprofen and aspirin is one way to relieve pain caused by sunburn. But there are also a number of natural medicine options to help overcome them.

1. Aloe Vera
In a pharmacy or other drug stores, you can find aloe vera gel to relieve pain from sunburn because of antioxidant and anti-inflammation. Even if you can get fresh gel from the plant, then the efficacy is much better than products sold over the counter.
2. Vitamin E and C
Some natural health site recommends that applying vitamin E oil on the affected skin to sunburn pain is gone at once to help moisturize the skin. Many scientists agree that vitamin E and C are able to work as a means of prevention of burns caused by sunburn.
3. Vinegar
Vinegar (apple cider vinegar in particular) is one of the most popular sunburn relief can be obtained at home. Vinegar is an antiseptic and can help cool the skin while yawning, vinegar can help balance the body's pH levels by removing the sting from sunburn feeling, though it works just give a cold sensation on the skin.
4. Ice cubes and cold water shower
Cool bath may help cool the skin and make you feel better. Naturally, the ice cubes are also part of the cooling tactics, but be careful when applying ice to a burn as this can cause the sensation of heat is getting worse by creating an "ice burn" or a burning sensation from the sting of ice.
5. Baking soda
Although no studies that support it, many people who switch to using baking soda to eliminate sunburn. Baking soda creates an alkaline environment to soothe the skin as well as an antiseptic and can help overcome the itching.
6. Milk
A glass of cold milk certainly refreshing, but some health sites suggests that are applied to the cold milk can help relieve sunburn pain. Milk can help relieve pain, itching and burning when used in the form of a cold compress.
7. Honey
Honey is antibacterial and indeed some studies have shown that honey can help heal the wounds, applying honey to wounds caused by sunburn can help skin cells regenerate new skin epithelium.
8. Tomatoes
Tomato rubbed on wounds caused by sunburn can help ease the pain. Tomatoes can cure sunburn, but tomatoes can be useful to prevent the appearance of the wound. Smear tomato paste on the skin can help prevent sunburn. This is probably because tomatoes are rich in a chemical compound called lycopene which can help reduce injuries caused by ultraviolet radiation on sunburn.
9. Oatmeal
Extracts of wheat has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain caused by sunburn.


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