Friday, June 8, 2012

Causes and Ways to Overcome Hiccups

Before discussing about the causes and how to overcome hiccups, of course you've had the hiccups. Hiccup that causes the sound of "hiiik" on every chest muscle movement because of pressure of air from the stomach into an abnormal chest out. Some experts say, hiccups occur because of decreased CO2 gas in the body. A symptom which is not bad, because the hiccups occurred could not be controlled by the brain that causes a movement of the chest that affects the entire body movement when there is a hiccup
The cause of hiccups is because when the diaphragm is the muscle tissue that extends between the chest cavity (thoracic) and abdominal cavity (abdomen) or muscle at the base of the lung having a seizure. Spasms cause the vocal cords were closed quickly and there was a loud hiccup, which reads "hiiiik". 

The cause of hiccups is spicy and spicy and thick smoke. Pneumonia, pleurisy, or damage to certain areas of the brain that control center responsible for the occurrence of hiccups hiccups. 
- Eat / drink swallow too fast / rush / too much. 
- Stimulation of the throat, swallowing air such as smoking. 
- Stimulation of gastric / stomach temperature changes, eg after drinking cold then hot.
- Alcohol, emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, and so forth. 
 - Holding our breath as if diving. 
- Sucking sugar is placed under the tongue, repeated 3x interval 2 minutes. 
- Surprised as excitatory motor. 
- Pulling tongue firmly.


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