Monday, June 4, 2012

So Beautiful And Firm Breasts

Beautiful breasts is not only physical beauty alone, but can inject confidence to the owner. However, in the course of age and breast-feeding, sagging breasts often complain about the women.
To overcome this, the following tricks to stay beautiful breasts and not get loose :
To do all day 

- Standing tall and straight.
- Wear a comfortable bra, not tight, do not make the shortness of breath, and chest compressions.
- Cool or cold water bath for firmer breasts. The other way, put the ice that has been wrapped in cloth on the chest.
- Wear a sports bra when you exercise. 
- Make regular breast scrub to stimulate circulation and cell renewal. 
- Sleep on your back so as not to compress the chest at night. 
- Sports violence (aerobics, martial arts, some sports a rugged and highly disciplined) and all too dynamic movements that may damage the breast tissue. 
- Exposure to sun exposure without sunscreen.
- Heavy lifting or wearing clothes too tight. 
- Breast massage is too hard. Recommended, massage your breast with a gentle circular motion and use lotion.
- Cross your arms across his chest. 
- Take a hot bath for too long. - Changes in body weight dramatically. 
- Eating less protein. 
Do this on a regular basis
- Stretch your shoulders to the back to restore breast firmness and avoid breast sagging. 
- Align the body. 
- Put your back properly. 
- Stretch your arms above your head.
- Swim with the backstroke, avoid swimming in butterfly style


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