Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How To Overcome Back Pain

Do you often feel pain in the back? Before it spreads more serious, it's good to note the following. back pain is disrupting your activity. 
1. Inadequate intake of vitamin D
A study revealed that as many as 93 percent of patients with vitamin D deficiency often feel pain in your back. To make sure that adequate vitamin D needs. Vitamin D can be obtained from milk, fish, and various types of green vegetables. 

2. Pamper yourself with music therapy. 
Music is believed to reduce anxiety and depression associated with chronic back pain. 
3. Master the technique of breathing. 
To reduce pain in your back, try to incorporate breathing techniques such as meditation. 
4. Give a gentle massage. 
Massaging the back pain can also be an option. Give a gentle massage with aromatherapy oils help. In addition to stretch the back muscles are stiff, aromatherapy also cause uncomfortable effects.
5. Relieve stress. 
Who says the stress factor has no role in causing back pain. The stress level will trigger the muscles become stiff and cause pain in the back of the complex.


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