Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Coffee Help Avoid Prostate Cancer

Based on the results of a study, regular consumption of coffee on a regular basis can make men avoid the risk of prostate cancer. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health said a man who drank coffee every day, lower by about 20 to 60 percent for developing all forms of the disease. The men who consumed six or more cups of coffee a day to minimize the possibility of developing deadly prostate cancer cells. Even if you only eat three cups of coffee alone, can reduce the risk by 30 percent.

The researchers said the compounds are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory drug contained in coffee that affect the body's insulin levels and levels of sex hormones. Secondly it also has been linked to prostate cancer. The scientists said that further research will be necessary to isolate the components of coffee might be responsible relation to prostate cancer.

Nevertheless, to maintain quality of health, a balance, completeness, and security intake consumed. After all that coffee contains caffeine, if taken too much can cause headaches, stomach indigestion, and insomnia that is not good for health. Besides too much caffeine also causes the urination disorder and are also at risk for heart health.

As for other foods to maintain a healthy prostate is a low-fat diet, and eating five or more servings of vegetables a day. Foods that are high in zinc is also beneficial for prostate health, such as clams, crab, baked beans, duck, lamb, and beef.


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