Friday, May 18, 2012

Habits That Can Damage The Eye

Many people do not realize that some of the activities they are doing can hurt yourself. Even worse these activities have become a habit since childhood. During the vital organs are not affected will probably require a little time until the result of bad habits that can be felt. 

One quick impact is felt in cases related to the eye. Some habits that can damage the eye:

1. Read while sleeping

Disruption caused by this habit is more due to the reduced distance of the eye on objects that do not correspond with the ideal distance.
Eye is ideal for reading distance is 30 cm. If the eyes are forced to stay focused on the visibility to less than 30 cm it would make your eyes become tired easily so that the greater the potential erkena myopic.

2. Read with less lighting

Lighting conditions are less read with an eye to accommodation maximum force, accommodation is the ability of the lens to thicken and thin out in accordance with stimuli from outside the state. With a maximum  accommodation to cast shadows received this makes the eyes get tired and if this habit continued in the long run this can cause nearsightedness in the eye.

3. The use of soft contact lenses

Soft contact lens wear is fine if we did not want to be bothered with the use of glasses. Everyone would prefer a practical, but as we all know the use of soft contact lens care is more demanding. Mishandled in terms of keeping it clean will not be affected eye irritation and red. Surely if allowed to drag on can damage the eye.

4. Radiation computer monitors or TV

Without realizing the need for the information it requires us to be in front of a computer or TV for longer. But the radiation released by the monitor has a negative impact on the eye. Studies conducted the American Optometric Association (AOA) computer monitor radiation trigger that can cause eyestrain and other eye disorders. Most of the respondents complained of symptoms is about eyestrain, blurred vision and dry eyes. Other visual problems that arise is a matter of headaches and neck or shoulder pain.

5. Rubbed his eyes

Rubbed his eyes usually done when the eyes feel itchy because of the foreign object that enters the eyeball. Habit rubbed his eyes will only worsen the situation. Because of the possibility rubbed his eyes with a foreign object into the eye was going to scratch the surface of the cornea of ​​the eye. If rubbed too hard it may also cause rupture of small vessels on the eyeball so that blood circulation becomes smooth.


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