Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How To Overcome Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing and a happy thing for married couples. However, sometimes there were many complaints during pregnancy. One of the most disturbing is the back pain during pregnancy. Back pain during pregnancy is usually experienced by women at certain times during her pregnancy. Usually common in the third trimester of pregnancy. The pain if not addressed would be very costly and painful.

Back pain during pregnancy caused by pregnancy hormones that affect the elasticity of the bearing on the joints of the body. Changes in the growing belly will change your posture so that the curvature of the spine are more inclined to turn back the result will occur back pain.

Here is how you can do to cope with back pain during pregnancy:

1. Avoid sitting for too long, try to change positions more often or more often moving from a sitting position.

2. During early pregnancy try to sleep in the supine position. Entering the third trimester, pregnant women can sleep on his side to the left or use pillows to prop your back.

3. Avoid turning movements, bend or bow your back lot.

4. If there is a condition that requires you to lift heavy objects, start with the movement keep your knees bent and back straight, lift or take the next new thing. Use a leg muscle strength than the strength of your back when trying to lift something. Do not rush to play the waist or bending.

5. While sitting, lift your legs, straighten and place it on a bench or table.

6. Avoid wearing too tight clothes during pregnancy because blood flow can be restrained so that the supply of oxygen to the muscles is reduced. The result can arise pain (pain) on the back.

7. Do a little massage on your back, or sit down to soak in warm water to relieve back pain during pregnancy. Areas that may be just the thing to do massage your back, shoulders, arms. Do not massage the abdominal area because it can trigger contractions.

8. Sleep lying on your side can also reduce back pain during pregnancy. Note that it is permissible for a third trimester pregnant women to sleep on his side to the right. Because it will cause the blood vessels of the uterus and be distressed by causing tightness in pregnant women. Should sleep on his side to the left.

9. Some women claim back pain can be relieved by reducing the use of her high-heeled shoes. Should select shoes that her low-heeled and soft fabric.

10. Perform light exercise such as walking for 20 minutes. Exercise will strengthen your back muscles, reducing the stiffness of the muscles of the body so that the joints become more supple and elastic.

11. Motion exercises in the form of light that can strengthen the muscles of the body can also help to relieve back pain during pregnancy.

12. Do it also stretches the back and knees to relieve back pain during pregnancy.


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