Monday, May 28, 2012

Symptoms of Herpes

Herpes disease can be detected by looking at the symptoms as follows:
Herpes can cause symptoms arise prodomal and skin eruptions.
Symptoms prodomal

1. Complaints are usually preceded by symptoms prodomal that lasted 1-4 days.
2. Symptoms that affect the body: fever, headache, fatigue, malaise, nusea, rash, redness, sensitive, evening skin (skin pressure), pain (burning or punctured), itching and tingling.
3. Pain is segmental and can go on - persistent or intermittent. Pain can also occur during the eruption of the skin.
4. Symptoms affecting the eye:
The form of redness, sensitivity to light, swelling of the eyelid. dry eyes, blurred vision, decreased vision and other sensations - the other.
Skin eruption appeared
1. Regional lymphadenopathy sometimes occurs.
2. Skin eruptions are almost always unilateral and usually limited to areas that are innervated by a sensory ganglion. Eruption may occur in all parts of the body, which is common in the thoracic ganglion.
3. Lesions began to dapple eritroskuamosa, then forming papule - papules and within 12-24 wad lesions develop into vesicles. On the third day turned into pastul which will dry into crusts in 7-10 days. Crusting may last up to 2-3 weeks and then peel. At this time the segmental pain also disappeared.
4. New lesions may continue to appear until day 4 - and sometimes - sometimes up to 7 days.
5. Severe skin eruptions can leave dapple hyperpigmentation and scarring (pitted scar).
6. The elderly generally have more severe lesions and they are more sensitive to pain experienced.


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