Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Health Benefits of Jogging

The researchers have declared, that the track is one way to stay young. And from the existing range of cardio exercise, running has been named as a sport that can make the body fit and stay young, and jogging are the most well done.
1. Maintain eye health:
The man who ran 56 km a week, tends to successfully reduce the risk of disruption of eye sight, because of age up to 54 percent, when compared with those who ran only 16 km per week.

2. Maintain a healthy heart:
Is the constant runner ran as far as 16 km in a week will be 39 percent more rarely have disturbances in blood pressure. Plus they will also rarely accumulate cholesterol in the blood vessels up to 34 percent.
3. Increased arousal:
Male runners who burn about 3,000 calories per week of activity ran for 5 hours, will distance himself from erectile dysfunction by 83 percent.
4. Strengthens bones:
Bone mass of runners turned out better than other aerobic athletes, according to the University of Missouri. The researchers compared the bone density of the runners to cyclists. There are as many as 63 percent of cyclists who have a bad bone mass, whereas only 19 percent of runners.
5. Current thinking:
A study conducted on workers in the UK revealed that routinely run them rarely make mistakes on the job, have good concentration, and more than productive run only intermittently.
6. Free from dementia:
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reported that female adolescents are diligent exercise of running, in old age is rarely the experience of dementia.
7. Sleep more soundly:
The insomnia is asked to run, it managed to speed up the sleep time by 17 minutes compared to when they are not running. Plus they sleep more soundly, even the day after the run.
8. Rarely get the flu:
Runners who ran an hour every day, going to work away from the flu virus attack compared to 18 percent who did not run. Is obtained from studies conducted in Sweden.
9. Maintain the health of the lungs:
Research carried out for people with asthma who are required to exercise the power of running and sports in a week at a time, after 3 months, managed to reduce asthma attacks. The respondents claimed to breathe more easily and more powerful immune.
10. Longevity:
An examination of 22 studies revealed that people who run 2.5 hours a week will reduce the risk of dying at a young age up to 19 percent. While other studies have revealed that people who actively exercise will reduce the risk of dying at a young age up to 50 percent.


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