Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tips Eliminate Snacking At Night

Hunger often makes us want to snack at night. Can not be detained, some people are forced to consume something that could relieve their hunger. Indeed, to cope with cravings is not easy, but if we really want to avoid snacking, then we must exert every effort. 
1. Breakfast
Believe it or not, breakfast is important! Eating breakfast has a base body a day of consumption of energy intake. If we make breakfast after 90 minutes of waking, and then proceed to eat every 5 hours during the day can reduce excess hunger at night. This caused the blood sugar levels remain stable and not create excessive eating, especially at night.
2. Dinner menu rich in fiber
Dinner is high in fiber can keep your blood sugar remains stable. In addition, fiber to fill you up so that it can through the long night. Try starting with an opening dinner sepertu warm vegetable soup without flour or vegetable salad. Do not forget to drink enough water throughout dinner.
3. Backing at dinner
If you often eat lunch too backward, consider starting dinner back one hour. This will minimize snacking desires. These tips, should not be done with a history of stomach ulcers. If the frequent recurrence of heartburn, you should still keep regular meal times.
4. Plan a snack
If it becomes unbearable cravings, you should choose a good snack. Try to plan something healthy. Starting from the type of food, how much, and when you can nibble. This will take away from excessive hunger at night.
5. Busy themselves
One way to distract hungry at night is to keep myself busy. Hobbies such as knitting, drawing, solving crossword puzzles, or reading, are a few things that can make you switch the desire to chew. In addition, the plan out of the house like a visiting mother-in-law or exercising outdoors is one way to break the habits of hungry in the evening.


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