Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some Health Benefits Of Sex

As has been widely known, the sex has its own benefits for health. Even sex can be a natural remedy for some health conditions such as headaches and nasal congestion.
1. Depression medication
Sex can be a natural remedy for people who are stressed or depressed. When having sex, the body releases endorphins into the bloodstream and cause a feeling of calm and happy.

2. For a cold
Benefits of the other sex are able to cope with congestion due to the flu or a cold. Sex may be able to facilitate the natural anthistamin stuffy nose fever symptoms even more.
3. Diet drug
As you well know, love takes so much energy to burn calories that pile up and make you fat. Based on calorie calculator, on the activities of foreplay, the average body will burn 2 calories per minute, while after penetration, the average body will burn 6 calories per minute. But the number of calories burned depends on body weight both partners, how long sex and how does the movement and speed of sexual activity.
4. Firming body muscle
When someone is having sex, almost every muscle in his body works. Sexual activity can tighten the muscles of your body is equivalent to the gym to swim up to 20 laps.
5. Drugs beauty
When making love, women produce estrogen hormones in large quantities. The hormone that makes your skin smooth and shiny hair.
6. Body odor of drugs
The more often you have sex, the more benefits you get. Sexually active body that secrete hormones in large amounts of pheromone. The hormone that makes the body has a distinctive body odor and pleasant.
7. Sedative
Sex can expel restlessness and anxiety and is a natural remedy that is ten times more effective as a sedative in the appeal of the drug valium.
8. Headache medicine
Sex can relieve headaches by releasing the tension that restrict blood vessels in the brain. Migraine or headache will be much better after you have sex.
9. Skin drug
Sexual activity is also beneficial to the health of your skin and reduce the risk of suffering dermatitis, rashes and black spots on the skin. Sex produces large quantities of sweat that can cleanse the pores and makes skin glow.


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