Friday, August 31, 2012

Benefits Of Bathing With Warm Water

If you are powerful shower with hot water, please. It's just not recommended to linger. Better is a bath with warm water. Here are the benefits of bathing with warm water:
1. Improve circulation
Warm water can treat pain in muscles and joints caused by arthritis, torn muscles, and fatigue. Warmth will stimulate circulation and blood flow. At the same time, there was a relaxation joint, tendon, and muscle tissue. Although no permanent cure, the five-minute warm baths can reduce pain, stimulate healing and reduce inflammation.

2. Cleaning the skin
Can lead to clogged pores and blemishes on the skin toxin buildup. Warm water will open the pores, making it easy to clean, and all the dirt was loose. Rinse with cold water, so the pores will close again.
3. Warming up before exercise
Hot bath in the morning is an effective way to heat the body before exercise in the morning. When you wake up, the muscles may be in a state of rigid. Warm bath can help relax the muscles with blood circulation.
4. Eliminate neck and shoulder aches
Besides massaged, hot bath can to reduce neck and shoulder were sore and stiff. Rigid sections flush with warm water for a few minutes to relax the muscles.
5. Relieves cough
The steam from the warm water can relieve phlegm and set it aside. Sputum cause coughing or throat pain. Adding eucalyptus oil to the skin or into the air will make you breathe easier.
6. Reduce stress and insomnia
Warm bath is a natural sedative. If you are under stress or difficulty sleeping, wash in warm water for 10 minutes to soothe the body, mind, and nerves.


Sandi Buchanan said...

Nice reminder! Thanks!!

Hailey Andersen said...

So true. Some pains and stresses just need to be given time to be alleviated. Sometimes just having anything relaxing to do to distract yourself can be a big help already. While I know of a good NJ Pain Management center, I still prefer not having to go if I don't really need to. Nice tips. I feel a little more relaxed already. :)

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