Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Tips To Quit From Drug Addiction

How to quit from drug dependence, this question frequently arises in every talk show or a seminar about the dangers of drugs and illicit drugs. Eradication action drugs that are often conducted by the Anti Narcotics considered still not able to eradicate the circulation of "drugs" is. So no wonder that many young people who fall into the valley of potential drug addiction.
For those of you who have already entered a part in it, and anxious to end, but you do not know how to quit the drug, following us for information.
1. Find support from people who love you
Look for moral support from the people who love you, be it your friend, working environment, lover, or your family.

2. Counseling with an expert
How to stop from a single drug has proven quite effective. Because here you will be directly handled by people who already knew all the "suffering" you.
3. Be aware of the consequences
Realize that if you use drugs, then you are not only suffering, but all the people who love you, especially families. Additionally, be aware that the dangers of drugs for health are enormous.
4. A strong will to quit
All of the above ways to quit drugs will not work if you are inside there is still no strong will to quit drug addiction. Make sure that you are 100% intend to leave the dangerous stuff.


Anonymous said...

Great post. My brother was a heroin addict and then they put him on methadone. Now he has a methadone addiction. I just wish there was something I could do for him.

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