Thursday, August 2, 2012

Simple Ways To Keep Eyes Healthy

In addition to multiply eat carrots, there are some things to be done so that our eyes stay healthy. There are 7 easy tips that everyone can do in maintaining eye health:
1. A Balanced Diet
It turned out that diet has something to do with eye health, so when doing the diet by eating a nutritious diet with vegetables and fruits. Always choose foods that contain vitamin A, C, and E because it can improve the health of the human eye. In addition, eating salmon can also provide an excellent effect.

2. Avoid Bad Habits of Life
This method is actually applicable to maintain the health of the whole body is to avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking habit. The scientists say, smoking can make eye cataracts, macular degeneration (loss of sharpness of vision), and nerve damage to the eye. And drinking too much alcohol can make the pupil reaction to be unstable, blurred vision until the myopic eye.
3. Perform Routine Eye Examination
Modern humans often do not realize that the stress of a job can affect the eye that is unhealthy. Therefore, check your eyes regularly to avoid the disease that might strike the eye.
4. Eye Exercise
Open wide your eyes. Then, turn the eyeball up, down, left, and right for two seconds and close your eyes slowly. Repeat several times while you're relaxing. This can reduce eye stress effects due to radiation of the sun rays or computer.
5. Knowing the History of Currency in the Family
Possibility of eye diseases can arise due to hereditary factors. So instead of it, knowing your family history in his own eyes is very important. By knowing it, we as children can prevent eye disease derived by consulting the doctor.
6. Protective Eye Wear
Glasses can be worn to protect eyes from the sun or dust during exercise or other activities. Many glasses are designed specifically for a particular sport to avoid eye injury. So, avoid the use of sunglasses just to be stylish.
7. Simply Break
Just as the body, the eyes also need adequate rest. Refrain from watching television for too long, or long hours at the computer when not at work. That way, your eyes do not fatigue and get adequate rest.


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The best way to keep your eyes stay healthy is regular eye check up

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