Thursday, August 2, 2012

Causes Of Chronic Diseases And Dangerous

Our lives have never escape from our problems and was always involved in a problem, whether financial or health problems, and indeed if the health problem is difficult because health can not be bought so the only way is to look after. There are several things that can cause chronic diseases such as the arrival of cervical cancer and breast and other cancers. 
• Sleep Disorders
A respiratory therapist and sleep disturbances, warned us not to neglect a variety of sleep disorders. The old woman involved with this issue is very rare to see patients who come to the doctor to tell have trouble sleeping.  And if they have trouble sleeping, snoring, and high levels of fatigue, they should consult with a physician, to see the possibilities associated cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, or high blood pressure. 

• Whitish
"I do not delay consultation with a medical team when I started vaginal discharge that initially I thought only the usual bacterial infections," said Alyssa Phillips, assistant physician and patient bone marrow transplant. "Apparently, it is an aggressive type of cervical cancer is really rare, so-called Large Cell Cervical Cancer neuroendocrine," said the woman who survived despite the cancer cells were in stage IV.
• Constipation
Almost everyone would have it. At best, people defecate normally one to three times a day. Difficult bowel movement until a few days it could be symptoms of a blockage or tumor in the colon. "Immediately consult a doctor if you are experiencing," said Dr. Kathy Gruver, author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet.
• Headaches
This condition is also very plural felt almost everyone. However, no corresponding rule out serious health problems. "If the headache with stiff neck, fever, vomiting, and survive in a very long time, it should immediately consult a physician," said Dr. Gruver. Other symptoms that should be taken seriously is if severe headache comes on suddenly, accompanied by changes in the voice becomes slurred, vision problems, difficulty in moving arms and legs, loss of balance, confusion, memory loss, and headache that gets worse during the 24 hours.
• Dental Pain and Face Pain
Dr. Gruver has a number of patients with this condition and almost all of the wrong diagnosis. "They go to the dentist and know the facial nerve was impaired," he said. "If not treated quickly, can lead to neuropathy, a painful and permanent, can even cause blindness."
• Diarrhea
Indeed impress. However, do not take for granted if the diarrhea lasts for several days. In addition to danger drawback of body fluids, this condition can also indicate serious problems, such as parasites, cancer, and gall bladder or pancreas problems. "Immediately consult a doctor, because if this happens the consumption of anti-diarrhea medication is not the solution," said Dr. Gruver.
• Stomach Acid Reflux
One in four people in the United States suffer from acid reflux, increase in gastric acid. Although the plural, it does not mean you can ignore this disease. "Stomach acid can cause heartburn, dental erosion and asthma symptoms such as stomach content is sucked into the lungs, esophagus and even cancer," said Dr. Carson Liu, a certified surgeon.


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